Letterman Jackets Sizing & Customization

Letterman jacket sizes are unisex. Please see this table for measurements for each size. We normally have size small through 2X on hand in store for students to try on.

There are options to add or remove length from the sleeves and/or body of the jacket. Removing and adding length can be in 2-inches, 4-inches or 6-inches increments.

Removing length does not change the price. To add length, it is $6 to add 2-inches, $12 to add 4-inches and $18 to add 6-inches. This is for either the sleeves or body. For example, if you need 2-inches added to both the sleeves and the body, it will be an additional $12.

For the boy jackets, the Stand-Up Collar is default. For the girl jackets, the Scalloped Zipper Hood is default. You can pick a different collar if you prefer. The style of collar is completely up to you. The most common customization is for the girl’s jacket to get the Stand-Up Collar instead. Below shows all the different collar options.


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