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We require a minimum of 2 weeks turnaround time. This starts when we receive sizes, not at first contact, because we need time to order and receive shirts, prep all the screens, etc. Please keep this timeframe in mind for your order. It is best to contact us at least 1 month before the time you need your custom items so there’s time to finalize details, create and/or convert the art, and more.

Please note, during busy school times, our priority is finishing the school shirts by their sport & activity deadlines. This may cause non-school orders to have up to 4 weeks or more turnaround time instead of 2 weeks. We will communicate with you if the turnaround time will be longer than normal.

Order Size

We provide services for bulk orders. Our set-up does not allow us to accept orders of just one or a few shirts.


We have 3 apparel vendors. Below you can find the product catalogs for each one. These can help you find more uncommon apparel items and/or unique color options.

Sending Art Files

We provide services for bulk orders. Our set-up does not allow us to accept orders of just one or a few shirts.

If you created your art design, please send the Adobe Illustrator document, not the saved image, so we can easily separate the different colors for the screen printing process (each color is a different screen).

Please do not send blurry photos of your logo or finished art. We are unable to use these and have to completely recreate the image which takes much time and delay the order.

How Screen Printing Works

Screen printing, also known as silk printing, is a labor-intensive, manual process for creating custom apparel. It uses silk or synthetic screens customized with your design, special inks, squeegees, and large multi-arm presses to apply your design to the apparel. A conveyor dryer is used to cure the ink. The ink used is a specialty ink that does not dry out at room temperature.

Each color of your design requires its own screen and is layered to create the final image. For example, a 3 color front design and a 2 color back design will require 5 screens to create your shirts.

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